Thursday, November 11, 2010


Eliza had a check up today. she's 15 months. I look at her sometimes, and just wonder how she got so big!
Anyway, she weighs 19.8 lbs; in the 8%. 31in tall; in the 67%. They don't worry about them until they get into the 5%. So they said she's just tall and slender, and looks great!
She says 25+ words! Mama, Dada, Rama (grandma), Hi, buh bye, baby, dar (star), peas (please), woof-woof, meow, neigh, moo, roar, uh-uh, bo (bodle), an (sometimes she can say ang), ball, no, ray (ready), up, uh-oh, I love you, wha (what), one, andy (she only said that a few times), yum, wow, oh, boo. There's been others that she's just said once, but I don't remember them. She also signs 'more', and does a fish face! She points to her eyes, ears, nose, toes, fingers, belly button, and hair.
I'm so proud of my little girl! she's learning so much, and love seeing her grow! (the two top pictures are of her sitting in a little crack by my dresser and the wall, then the next two are pretty self explanatory! She already has as boyfriend!)
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Lady Bug

I was hoping to find a Kitty costume for Eliza, but when I saw this lady bug, I had to get it! and it totally fits, cuz we call her Bugs. I think she had fun wearing it!
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