Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the move

these two pictures don't have anything to do with the move,

but oh well. the first is Eliza modeling her new yellow swim suit from Munga.

(thanks Munga!)

and below is how I found Eliza one afternoon. I was

making something in the kitchen and didn't hear her for a little while,

which most Mom's know, usually means they're into

something they shouldn't be. Sometimes I'm lucky, and

she's put herself down for a nap. :) Love it!

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This is the move! We just did this 4 1/2 months ago. I've decided (and I'm sureall the movers who helped have too) that we have TOO MUCH STUFF!It never seems like it when its all put away. Billy's working on the farm this summer, so that's why we moved up here. Neither of us everreally wanted to move back to Driggs. Its so far from a Wal-mart! but Billy loves farming enough that he's willing to make that sacrifice.I was quite mad at first to be honest. It was a very quick decision. Oh and also in the middle of all this Billy got is gallbladder taken out! So on top of him quiting his job, getting his gallbadder all figured out, and telling me we aremoving back to Driggs, I was quite stressed out. I think I'm mostly over it.I'm trying to think of all the fun things we will be doing. I'll be able to help my Mom garden, we'll go on lots of hikes, biking, go camping, bbqing, hanging out with family, goto the drive-in. And we'll have lots more babysitters! Oh, and I really like our new place! its the nicest place we've lived in, so I'm excitedabout that! The move was actually quite fast! We started packing on thursday afternoon,and we were moved out of the old and into the new by Saturday. it only took about an hr and a half to get everything loaded. We couldn't believe how fast it went! Billy's Dad has a huge trailer that we fit everything in! We had a lot of help, and we couldn'thave done it without everyone! I know most the people who did help won'tread this, but a HUGE THANKS to everyone!

So, we're back in Driggs for the summer, or until Billy finds an Accounting job.If anyone knows of any good openings for Accounting please let us know! Oh ya, I forgot to mention that Billy finally GRADUATED!!! He wassupposed to walk at his graduation the day after his surgery, but obviously he wasn't feelingwell enough for that. None the less, he is a College Graduate! I'm so proud of him! He has worked so hard to do well in all this classes! I think we're both loving the homework-free nights!