Monday, February 20, 2012


Wow, I'm a bad blogger. I can't keep up, so I just have to post a bunch of random pictures of what we've kind of been up to lately! Eliza is definitely keeping us on our toes! She talks like crazy. Everyone is so surprised she's only 2 1/2 and talks so well, and SO much!
Her latest thing she has learned is how to get sympathy, and she's good at it. So she hurt her finger a while ago (its completely healed now), and must have noticed that when she told people she hurt her finger, they felt really bad for her. So lately she started pulling that card on random people that we came in contact with. But mostly at Billy's work, where there's lots of ladies who just go goo-goo over her! And they get her band aids to make her feel better. Its pretty entertaining, and the ladies love it! Everyone at Billy's work just loves her!
She's definitely a singer. She even knows the songs I listen to. She likes to sing along to Adele. And a lot of the time she's making up her own songs to whatever she's doing. Its pretty cute!
We're all getting used to Billy having to work all day. Eliza asks where he is a lot, and gets really excited when he comes home. his schedule is 9-6. but he has that one last class at BYU-I that he goes to tues and thurs. So he misses some work for that, and has to make it up. It will be much better when he's totally done with school, and when its summer time we'll have more sunlight, and it won't feel like the day is already over by the time we have dinner and he gets a chance to unwind from the day.
Well, anyway, here's a few pictures as of lately.
Hanging with the coolest little brothers before they leave on their missions. Tav going to Mongolia, and Tate going to Africa. I'm going to miss them a Lot!!

Jammin' with Grannie Beard
Strange sleeper!

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on our way to the Temple the day before we dropped Tav off at the MTC. It was fun to go with the siblings. we were missing Grant, Parley and Tate.
The cake I made Billy for his surprise Birthday Party (and he actually was surprised! yay!) He loves cookie dough, and its called cookie dough cake.
I was pretty proud of it, except that it really didn't taste that great. :(

heart hair

Helping me make the pizza dough
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At the Dinosaur museum

Dad, Eliza and Sue the T-Rex

I love Billy's face in this one.
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cute girl!

going for a ride
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