Saturday, June 2, 2012

The last month

tuckered out!! haha! I thought this was so cute, and funny!

Munga, Bugs and Aunna at dinner for cinco de mayo

having fun in the pool!!

We love going to the Havasu house!
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All us girls ran away to Arizona for a week and had a blast! It was quite relaxing! We swam in the pool, went hot tubbing, went to the beach, went out to eat, went shopping, got pedicures, played phase 10, got a lot of smoothies from mcdonalds, (if you haven't tried them, you are missing out! So yummy!) and of course lots of sun bathing! We had to soak up all the vitamin D we could before we went back to cold Idaho! It was so fun to just get away with all the girls! I hope this is a start to a new tradition! :)

We went to the beach and played in the sand and rode the jet ski. Eliza had such a blast, but she was sure tired! She fell asleep on the way home around 5:30 or so, and slept all night!!!

 Up at Gran's house we planted a big garden! I'm so excited for it!

my cute bug
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A night with the cousins!
playing hop scotch!

and a wrestling match or two!
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My honey and I got to go on a date!! Billy's family watched Eliza and we went out to Rexburg. We went to lunch, went to the temple and saw a bunch of our favorite people!
Went and hiked "R" Mountain. which doesn't look very steap, but it will surprise you.
Then had dinner at Da Pinneapple Grill. I've been craving sushi! It was sooo yummy!

It was a much needed date for Billy and I. As much as we love Eliza, its nice to have time to ourselves and not worry about chasing a very energetic little girl!
I love going on dates with my honey! We laughed a lot, and had a great time!
I love my honey!

(almost) 6 months prego
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I went to Utah to celebrate my birthday. Merissa and my new favorite band had a concert in Salt Lake the night of my birthday! so it was perfect! I spent a few days there, and Mers made sure I had a great birthday!! we played racquetball, got pedicures, went out to eat, went shopping, and of course went to the concert! Billy even surprised me with a cake from cold stone! It was so cute and thoughtful of him!

after dinner with all my sisters (Jason was taking the picture)

Mers and I!
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The Civil Wars! They were Awesome!!!! I love this band!
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