Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Harrison/Haws/Beard reunion

Our Favorite Harrisons came to visit! So we got to have our Harrison/Haws/Beard reunion!!
So we tried to cram in everything! We had such a fun time together.
We went and ate at Craigo's, and made cute belts, (not meant to go with our outfits in the picture) us girls talked and laughed, and talked, and laughed, and the boys jammed together, we went to Sammy's, and went shopping of course!!
It was perfect!
We love all being together!
p.s. if you didn't notice that Candice is pregnant (cutest pregnant lady ever!), that's why we're all touching her belly in the last picture!
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trying to put curlers in Eliza's hair. I think it still needs to be a little bit longer. Eliza's books turn into that mess just about everyday, sometimes multiple times a day!
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big cheese

This smile cracks me up! It's so cheesy, and I Love it!!
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treasure hunt

So Billy ordered some video games online, and was just waiting for them to arrive. I happened to be getting the mail, and hid them before he saw. I decided to send him on a treasure hunt and they would be at the end. Its hard to get guys things, so this was perfect, cuz he had already picked it out, and I knew he would like it! It took me a while to actually do it, so he was probably about to call Amazon and see where they were! Anyway, it was a lot of fun! He enjoyed it too! Not sure why I actually decided to give them to him, because I despise video games, but I guess that's what love is.
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purse snatcher



Eliza loooves purses. She'll go up a to complete stranger, snatch their purse, and walk away! Now we just need to teach her to take all the money!
So I decided to make her one. I figured it could be her trick-or-treat bag, since it's orange and black, but we'll probably use it all year round. I think the coolest part is that I didn't have a pattern or anything! I usually can't just throw soemthing together like that! I think Gran would be proud!
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