Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baby Boy

Introducing Will Mason Beard!
We are very excited to bring this little bundle of joy into the world!
Billy says since we'll have one of each, we can be done having kids....I think not.
He's due September 18th as of now. I wasn't really wanting to be pregnant the whole summer again like last time, but not much you can do about that, right? We're just happy he's on his way, and looks like a healthy baby. Eliza says she's excited and talks in this really funny deep voice when she says Hi to him! I think she might be in for a rude awakening! But she Loooves babies, so hopefully she'll be a good big sister. She also told a lady that she was going to name him Cinderella! Good thing its not up to her! She's also suggested we name him Stinkin' Bum.
Anyway, this pregnancy has been pretty much the same as Eliza's, which is really quite easy. I just get nauseous if I get hungry. So I snack a lot. I'm also more tired than usual. but really other than that, I'm good. I've only thrown up once so far. I think with Eliza I only threw up a total of 4 times maybe. Oh, one different thing I've noticed is that I didn't really crave anything in particular with Eliza, but with Will I've craved Sandwiches! They always sound good to me! Yum!
We're going to Agape Birth Center in Rigby to the wonderful Midwives there. Call me crazy that I want to try a natural birth, but if you watch The Business of Being Born, you'll understand a little more. I really feel it is the best for me and baby. The ladies there are amazing too! Billy absolutely Loves them! They spend sooo much time with us and answer all of our questions and concerns. They know exactly what they're doing, and if there is an emergency they can detect it quickly and get us to the hospital. They said usually only one mother has to be taken to the hospital a year. So that's pretty good odds. And I'll be able to do a water birth, which sounds sooo nice! and did I mention that it's waaay cheaper?! I think we ended up paying $10,000 with Eliza in the end. At Agape it's only $4,000! Anyway, we love it there, and I'm very excited to see how this birth goes.
This pregnancy so far has gone by a lot faster than with Eliza, which is partly why we waited longer to tell everyone. With her we told people really fast, so then everyone was always asking how it was going, and just dragged on forever it seemed! and its always fun to have a little secret! Anyway, we're very excited for him to come! Now we just have to get stocked up on boy stuff! Bring it on!
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