Friday, September 16, 2011

little farm girl

Working on the farm with Daddy.

I quite like this picture with the Tetons and the old truck in the back round.Some professional editing would probably make it look even better.
Driving the Combine with Grandpa
Eliza and I have the same conversation just about every day that goes something like this:
Eliza: Mom, I'll be right back.
Me: Where are you going?
Eliza: I'm goin' to work.
Me: Where are you going to work?
Eliza: I'm goin' to work on the farm!
then I usually ask her what she's going to do on the farm,
and she says she'll either Combine or Swath.
I think it's pretty cute that she loves the farm already.
like Father, like Daughter.
She really notices when you're dirty though, so whenever Billy comes home
and is all dirty she lets us know that "Dadda's all dirty!"
and is usually followed by "Dadda needs a shower!"
Lately though since Billy's been in school, when he comes home, he's clean.
and Eliza always informs us when he walks in the door that
"Dadda's all Clean!"
She gets very excited when he comes home, and I think it's so darling.
She loves her Daddy.
She'll hug our leg and say
"I love you So much!"
She's a very lovey child. and loves to pat everything that's cute.
(I wonder where that came from?) ;)
Today Billy and I were sitting on the couch and she comes up to us and said
" Two Friends"
I thought it was cute, and I love that she's sees us as friends. Billy definitely is my Best Friend. dirty or clean.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2 year pictures

my sweet little angel

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Posted by Picasa

These were taken a while ago, but I'm trying

to be a better blogger, so I've gotta

catch up a bit!

It is quite handy having my Mom able to take such

great pictures for me all the time!

Thanks Mom!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Billy Beard? or Billy Mustache?

Today is Billy's LAST first day of school at BYU-I!!! I can't believe it's finally here! And as always after the 7 week break he has to shave off the handsome goatee. tear. :( So when he was shaving it off, I asked him to leave the mustache so we could see what he looks like. He actually has a pretty good looking one! Even he said he was surprised that he actually liked it a bit. A lot of the guys who grow mustache's at BYU look bad, and creepy. But I convinced him to keep it for just one day. I think he looks way older! I definitely think the whole goatee looks the best. It looks so sharp. I just LOVE it! I can't wait till he can grow it back! Only 3 more months!!!

The last picture is a picture of Brandon Flowers. He's the singer in the band The Killers. It surprises me how much he and Billy look alike! He could be his double if he was sick and couldn't sing or something! haha!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

blog diary/journal?

So I know a lot of people use their blogs as their diary kind of thing. Which is really great, and I'm all about diaries. I have probably 15 journals starting from when I was 8. I've noticed since I got married that I've gotten worse at writing in it, which is bad, because I feel my marriage and what is happening now is way more important that what guy I had a crush on in middle school! Don't get me wrong, reading through some of that stuff is pretty comical! but petty, and I'm not sure I want my kids reading all that! Anyway, So I want to be better at blogging, cuz I can type much faster than I can write, so maybe I can document my life a little better....hopefully. I can't make any promises, cuz I'm not known for being a good blogger, or even a good writer. My Mother is a great writer. I struggle with making my writing creative, its more like 'See Spot Run' kinda stuff! So, ya.

Today I just felt like I was running back and forth from at&t to wal-mart asking about their phones. Earlier this summer Eliza and I were in the hot tub, and I brought my phone so I could see the time, cuz I needed to be somewhere, and we couldn't stay too long. Eliza grabbed it without me noticing till she was in the water with it. It was barely in the water, but it crashed, So I had to get a new one, and while Billy and I were in Utah a couple weeks ago he filled up my water bottle, and sometimes you think you closed the lid, but it isn't. That's what happened. He gave it to me, and I put it in my purse. I noticed it felt wet, I looked in and the whole bottom was all wet. And of course my phone was on the bottom, I put it in rice, and when I took it out it survived! It struggled a little bit with a few things, but I could deal with them. But last week it started just shutting off, and trying to turn on, and did that over and over, but wouldn't turn on. It did once and a while, and I could make a call or two or write a couple texts, but then would turn off. So I hoped it would get better, but didn't seem to be and I really needed a phone. so I was going back and forth seeing prices and stuff. turns out they're really expensive! So I ended up with a $15 phone from walmart. it doesn't have a camera which is a bummer cuz I like to send lots of picture texts of Eliza to people, and its just nice to be able to send a pic for whatever reason. So no more of that I guess. I'm not sure why I just told that entire story, but whatever, this is my journalish thing right?

Onto a cuter part of my day! I took Eliza to the park. The one we were at has a stream that goes through it, so there's 2 bridges. For some reason Eliza must have thought they were much more narrow (they're quite wide though), cuz she acted like she was walking on a balance beam. I couldn't stop laughing as she took tiny little steps and kept losing her balance, not falling, but really wobbly. Finally she just got down on her hands and knee's and crawled the rest of the way! And right then I was wishing I had a camera on my phone so I could video her, but no. Anyway, it was so cute!

I also took Eliza to the doctor. She got her finger shut in a car door on sunday. It seemed fine, got a little swollen, but this morning she then shut it in the cabinet door and it swelled more and was oozing a bit. So I figured we should have it looked at. Also I was cleaning some of her toys in the tub last night, and had some bleach in with the water. I was cooking dinner and noticed she left the kitchen, and wasn't in the living room, so I ran to the bathroom and she was holding one of her tea cups and had a little drip of water on her chin, I instantly freaked out and asked her if she drank it, she said yes. oh no! So I called Poison Control (this was before I got the new phone, so I was very lucky that my phone even turned on to call) and she said give her lots of water, and to watch if she gets any rashes or anything, or foaming. She said she should be fine where it was diluted with water, and we drink chlorinated water living in America anyway. So she said just to watch her. She seemed fine. I don't know how much she drank, I just hope it wasn't a lot. So I asked about that at the dr. too. He asked if she had been eating just fine, and not acting like it hurt. Which she was eating fine. She ate her quesadilla last night, and this morning ate like 2 or 3 blueberry banana muffins I made (which were very yummy by the way, if I do say so myself!) and her fruit smoothie. he looked in her mouth and said it looked good. He didn't seem worried, thankfully! but he prescribed us some antibiotics for her finger so it doesn't get infected, and he said her nail might fall off. but that's better than a finger, right?!

Anyway, so that's about the extent of my day. Wow, this is long, and probably really boring. but no one has to read it if they don't want I guess. Oh, and Eliza called me Sweetie today. I thought it was cute! I love her! and that's my day.