Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eliza is 2!!!

My Baby girl is 2!! So I don't think she's a baby anymore! She seems to have a good vocabulary. Everyone who has been around her for even a short while seems so be surprised she talks so well. :) She's been putting 4 and 5 words together for a while, which is very fun! I can actually have conversations with her! It's great! She can say her ABC's if I am singing with her. My favorite thing she says is "Soooo....what you wanna do, Mom?"

Her hair is getting longer and longer, and I LOVE it! It is so fun doing new things with it!

She Loooves swimming! If she has her floaties on or a life jacket she's fearless! She'll jump in over and over, and swim all over the place!

She loves stairs.

Another cute thing she tells me is "I'll be right back." and I ask her where she is going she says " I go work on the farm, and drive the combine" it's pretty cute, I think!

I think she definitely got music in her blood (yay!) She loves singing! Whether its something totally random, or walking around the house singing I am a Child of God or I love to see the Temple. She's getting pretty good at them too! I'm so proud of her!