Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I spy with my little eye: Mischeif

Can you spy what mischief this little girl has gotten into?

I gave her a paper, stickers and markers to keep her busy
while I blogged. She was right next to me on her
little table. Apparently I need to look over more often.
I heard her say (as she sat herself on the stairs)
"I'm in timeout."
I looked over and didn't see anything at first.
The fact that she put herself in timeout should be a good
indicator that she did something bad, and she obviously knows it.
I looked again and saw marker all over her left arm.
again she said "I'm in timeout. I'm naughty"
She got that right! very naughty!
luckily the marker was washable and came right off.
She did get in trouble, but I still think it's pretty cute that she put herself
in timeout.

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Eliza loves playing with Easton.
She gets sooooo excited when he gets to come over,
or when she knows she's going to see him.
They definitely have a love hate relationship.
They love playing with each other, but get in fights often!
Usually over a toy. So when we go to Blast Off and there's not really
toys to fight over they get along much better!
Its really great when you get along with your kids friends parents as well!
Lacey and I are good friends and so are Brock and Billy.
Its always fun when we get together!
They had a blast riding on the sled and
throwing snow at each other.
Idaho Falls doesn't get near as much snow as the valley,
so we had to get out in the snow while it lasted.
Don't get me wrong, I don't miss the snow that never melts till June.
I will get very used to this more mild weather!
I'm VERY excited for warm enough weather to get out
and go for bike rides, play at the parks
without a coat on, picnics, bbq's, the zoo, and actually run outside
instead of a treadmill. I could go on and on!
I love SUMMER!!!