Monday, July 16, 2012

strider bike, cousins and kittens

my friend Lacey and I found these strider bikes for much cheaper than they
usually are, and we surprised the kids with them
as an early birthday present. I wanted Eliza to be able to use it more than just the
end of the summer. They were so excited!
Strider Bikes are supposed to teach them how to balance a bike
without using training wheels, because they
don't have peddles, so they learn a lot earlier.
Eliza is already balancing a lot, and can go for quite a ways with
her feet up.
so the first picture is of them right when they saw the bikes. Well,
Easton still has his eyes closed, but Eliza's very excited!

riding away! 

Eliza and Brinley riding their striders!
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I'd like to know what they're talking about! looks suspicious!
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Pool party with the cousins! 

then they decided that the water on the road from the
sprinklers was warmer than the pool.
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And we got kittens!!!! If you know me, I'm always trying to get Billy to
let us have kitties! I succeeded once, but it only
lasted about 5 days before Billy made us take it back
because he saw cat hair.
Billy has always been a cat lover, he just prefers them outside.
He loves cuddling with them, and listening
to them purr. He's got a pretty good purr himself
But now that we have a little porch where they can live he was ok with it!
So they're outside kitties. We bring them in occasionally, and
I'm really afraid that Eliza is going to kill them
because she loves them so much! She is really rough with them,
and we're constantly telling her to be softer. But they must be
pretty tough, cuz they don't seem to mind most of the time!
She tries to wrap them up in blankets and
put them to bed like she does her babies. She doesn't
 understand why they don't stay laying on their
backs. But they're a lot of fun! We named
them Coconut and Mango.

 they are constantly playing and fighting. Eliza gets really worried
when she sees them play fighting. They're
hilarious to watch though! 
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