Wednesday, September 5, 2012

3 Years Old!!!

I know everyone says this, but I really can't believe how fast Eliza is
growing, and that I really have a 3 year old!!!
Eliza is such a joy in our lives. She's definitely a little pill at times,
but her cuteness makes up for it.
She's my little side kick. Its weird to me now going places without her,
I almost feel naked or something! Don't get me wrong, I
welcome the little breaks here and there, but
I do really love having her around, and feel more complete
I guess you could say.
She's the most outgoing little girl! She'll just go hug a complete stranger!
Mostly women, but she does warm up to the guys too.
She's definitely a girl (and tells me she's a princess
anytime she puts on a dress). Her favorite color is Pink, and she loves
to change her shoes multiple times a day!
She likes to watch me put on my makeup, and have me put
a little blush on her as well.
She'd paint her nails every day if she could,
and has even attempted to do so by herself.-trouble-!
She picks up on things quickly. Sometimes too quickly! It surprises
me how close she's listening to Billy and my conversations.
She knows she's not supposed to say 'stupid', so if
either of us or anyone says it, she quickly
says "Momma, we don't say stupid, because
Stupid is a bad word."
she keeps us in line!!
But as much as she is a girl, she doesn't mind getting
dirty. And she likes to ride in the tractors.
She loves finding and gathering the eggs from the farm.
And she especially loves to get together and
play with her cousins.
Eliza is so funny and cute and I love her so much!


giving her little brother some love
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little princess
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love to see her happy!

these pictures were taken by my very talented Mother!
Thanks Mom!
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  1. Yay! you blogged! She really is a doll. Cant get enough of that girl.